River Belle Casino

River BelleRiver Belle Casino: Why They Might Be The Best Option for You

River Belle Casino has been around for quite some time now – actually longer than most online casinos we see today. Since 1997, the casino has continued to serve a huge number of wagers across the board. Therefore, you definitely expect a number of good things to come out of their experience years of operation. Aussie players can find more info about online gambling at http://www.onlinegamblingaustralia.co/.


First though, this online casino is owned & operated by Belle Rock Entertainment, a subsidiary of Carmen Media Group. It’s also important to note that this online casino has been licensed by Gibraltar government – one of the most prestigious licenses that can ever be given there.

The good thing about this casino is that it accommodates a vast array of languages, not limited to English, French, Spanish, German Japanese. Currency is in US dollars (USD), Canadian dollars(CAD), Euros British pounds.

They run on a gaming software that was designed by Microgaming company – again one of the most prestigious names in the gaming software industry.

This casino, which is available through a download is served in a suit of over 250 different types of interactive games, with the option of changing game settings as per the player’s preference i.e the speed sound of the game.

The Theme is Simple – Enjoy Southern Hospitality
If you are a first time visitor at River Belle, there’s a sign-up offer, which is quite attractive indeed. We’re taking of a 100% match bonus, which can be as good as $100 on all casino games played. This means that if you are a first-timer, you deposit anywhere between $20 to $100, you can get your initial investment matched all the way up to 100%.

The casino also caters for those who don’t want to download anything. It’s called ”Instant Play” flash casino platform, which doesn’t prompt players to download a file. It’s the scaled-down platform of the originally downloadable version, you can also claim your bonus using your favorite browser.

What’s Good?
(a) There’s a huge game selection here, so you can try out anything you feel comfortable playing.
(b) Their loyalty program is an interesting one as it serves the player’s best interest.
(c) You can either choose to download it or play through instant play on your browser.

The Ugly
(a) We’re afraid to say that banking options may be limited.
(b) Bonuses given here may be too huge, like in other online casino sites

When you visit their homepage find that their platform banking options are convenient for you, then this is the casino to put your money in. However, if the cons tend to outweigh the pros, then it’s time you look elsewhere.

How to win at Blackjack

In the modern day, casinos offer some of the most competitive games that you can ever come across. Blackjack is one of the most historically famous and definitely the most played card games here – http://www.blackjackonlineaustralia.com/. It takes proper mastery and understanding of the game for you to be able to win big. If you want to win big in this casino game, you need to start by learning how to win at Blackjack. There are various tactics which you can employ so as to make this come true.
Play tables which offer only one deck game
This might sound easy and it is a no-brainer but many people have no idea how it works. Simply put, you need to stay away from multi-deck shoes since they give the house a major advantage. Your winning percentage drops to about 30% edge when you are using the multi decks and thus it is not a good approach to this game. When you are using a table that offers one deck game, you can be sure that you will not have to make losses every time.
Keep your betting consistent
Experts who know how to win at Blackjack will advise you not to waver your best with every hand. Therefore, you need to take advantage of a winning hand percentage and keep best close by about 5-10 dollars every time. When your pot runs low, you don’t have to make the emotional chase best in order to try and make up for the losses. You can gain control of the play and ensure it is steady.


how to win at blackjack
Do not best double down or split high pairs unless necessary
If the house has got 3s to 6s showing, it would be a smart move to play and there are more chances that you will win 80% of the splits or doubles. Try as much as you can not to split face cards since they are almost a guaranteed win. Just split the aces when you get all of them. When the dealer is showing high cards you do not split or double.

Play a hot table
You can examine hot tables through examining emotions and the psychology of the other players. You also need to take some time and examine a 3 play session and try to have an understanding of the win to lose ratio of every player. It is not illegal to do this but you will be using it as a tool to find out what tables are sure bets in your case. Last but not least, you ought not to be afraid of playing one on one with dealers.